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Our mission is to develop people that in turn develop their business

We are a consulting team based in Drammen, Norway. We are committed to creating and continuously improving effective learning methods to businesses that wants to go from good to GREAT. We have since 2002 been dedicated in promoting knowledge and awareness of an internal business improvement system that works.
Our philosophy

We believe in the
right people

People often think of an organization’s important assets in terms of cash, inventory, buildings, equipment, and other tangible assets. However, the most important asset in an organization is the right people. We are not talking about all of the employees in the organization, we are talking about the people that are motivated and ready to make the organization strive for greatness everyday.  These are not the people working to achieve individual success, but the people that believe in what they work for and wants the business to succeed. It is by having these people aboard your ship you can begin your journey from good to great. 
Our team

Highly qualified instructors

All of our instructors are highly experienced professionals highly passionate and devoted to our company mission; to develop people that in turn develop their company. They all do their very best for you to succeed on your own. Our aim is to come into a company, give you the right tools to succeed and show you how to use them so that you are not dependent on us in the future. However if you need a refresher we are only a call away.  
Our team

Meet our team

Sven Danielsen
Senior advisor/Managing Partner
Sven works as a strategic advisor and course instructor. Since 2002 he has dedicated his focus to the question of what it takes to create outstanding business results.  He is a L6S Black Belt and has a Ph.D in telecommunications.
Henning Bakken
Senior advisor/ Partner
Henning works as a strategic advisor and course instructor. He is also responsible for the development of the e-learning courses. Henning has previously led and guided business improvement programs in large public and private companies.  Henning is a L6S Black Belt and holds a BSc.
Ingrid Helene Bakken
Advisor E-learning
Ingrid Helene works as our internal e-learning advisor. In 2020 she graduated from BI with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration specialized in Finance. In addition to e-learning she also works with web design and marketing material.
"We are especially happy when we get to work with people and companies who want to make a differences"
The team

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